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Training for High Performance

Business Brain offers bespoke training programs designed to your exact specifications.

However you may also select a training program from the options below. All our core programs are ready to deliver as a one day training, or can be extended as part of a longer term engagement.

Click on any program image to contact us for pricing and find out how we can customize our trainings to your audience and market needs.

 Authentic Leadership is what makes any organization thrive.

Emotionally Intelligent teams communicate more effectively with increased productivity.

Train your people to get more business, regardless of industry or market. 

Authentic Leadership

Success starts at the top.

  • What is Authentic Leadership?
  • How does a leader raise their EQ to be self aware, balanced in temperament and ethical in action?
  • How does a leader manage their teams to ensure operational needs are achieved. 
  • Obtain a methodology to balance all the responsibilities of leadership in a single seminar!

Business Brain offers one day leadership workshops or longer term coaching programs that suit your business needs

The best way to develop a leader is to begin with our Leadership 360 assessment. The leader will be able to self assess their skills and contrast their perceptive with feedback from employees, associates and clients . This comparison is real, accurate, anonymous and transformative. The data provides a perfect baseline for development and a way to measure the outcomes of a leadership program. 

Power to Your People

70% of organizational change efforts fail, primarily due to people problems. How do you develop the insight to be among the 30% that succeed?

Measure Employee Engagement 

Our Vital Signs assessments can provide insights into this key business metric. See our Team and Organizational page for details.  

Emotionally Intelligent Teams

One Day Workshop

  • What are the 10 attributes of an Emotionally Intelligent (high EQ) Team?
  • How can a team raise it's collective EQ?
  • Why has EQ become a better predictor of success then IQ?
  • How do we measure EQ and apply it inside our team?
  • What is the best way to use EQ to generate more sales and better relationships with our customers?


Get better customer reviews while closing more business!

Your clients are tired of the old sales techniques.

"People love to buy, but nobody

want to be sold." 

This program is taken directly from Elias' twenty years of sales experience in multiple industries. Elias had personally  generated $50,000,000 in sales with this model and trained hundreds of people to do the same. This is one of the most effective sales training out there, it's also fun and easy for anyone to implement! 

The Neuroscience of


Ready to take your communication skills to the next level? 

Gain advanced knowledge from fields of behavioral psychology, neuroscience and business to become a master communicator. 

No prior knowledge is required to attend, however this program is designed for people who have 2+ years of communication and/or sales experience.

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