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Average managers play checkers, while great managers play chess. The difference? In checkers, all the pieces are uniform and move in the same way; they are interchangeable. You need to plan and coordinate their movements, certainly, but they all move at the same pace, on parallel paths. In chess, each type of piece moves in a different way, and you can’t play if you don’t know how each piece moves. More important, you won’t win if you don’t think carefully about how you move the pieces. Great managers know and value the unique abilities and even the eccentricities of their employees, and they learn how best to integrate them into a coordinated plan of attack. 

What Great Managers Do by Marcus Buckingham

Harvard Business Review

The Predictive Index provides the insights needed to manage the chess board. Find the right people, know their strengths and have the tools to inspire them from hire to retire. 

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A Leadership 360 with EQ Metrics 

Using the Leadership Vital Signs (LVS) Assessment you can obtain a 360 view of how effective any leader is. A core competency of Emotional Intelligence is self awareness making the LVS the ideal tool for leadership 360s. This is not a "soft-skill", self aware leaders perform better, have more engaged teams and generate more revenue and results.

"Companies with higher rates of return on stock also have employees with fewer personal blind spots. Self-awareness—a characteristic essential to career success and improved executive leadership— also appears to correlate with overall company financial performance."

-Korn Ferry Institute 

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