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Optimizing Performance With Psychometrics

Develop your emotional intelligence and discover new management

strategies in this one hour leadership seminar 

What you will takeaway from this event:

Takeaway #1

Self awareness of your own behavioral drives and how they influence your performance. 

Takeaway #2

Management strategies based on business science and the leading research. 

Takeaway #3

An understanding of the use and history of psychometrics in the workplace.

Takeaway #4

The keys to creating high performing teams and organizations. 

Takeaway #5

How demographics are changing the future of work and how to be prepared. 

Takeaway #6

The ways predictive analytics are transforming HR and recruiting strategies.

Powerful Leadership Insights.

Who is this for? 

  • Senior Executives
  • Managers 
  • Directors and Vice Presidents of:
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Development
  • Talent Management
  • Other L&D Functions
  • HR practitioners
  • Anyone who has to motivate people or lead a team

What people are saying 

Kristen D.

I think this seminar is great for anyone looking to understand their work style and motivations, and how to apply them to their daily work life.

David M.

I highly recommend this seminar! We often find ourselves unaware of what drives us or keeps us engaged in our jobs. This presentation answered those questions and gives insight on how to enhance work environments and performance.

Experience A Predictive Index Behavioral Assessmentâ„¢



Receive a personalized assessment providing you with actionable insights into your drives and how to achieve high performance in the workplace. 

About the Presenter - 

Elias Arjan

Chief Talent Optimizer 

Elias Arjan is the founder of Business Brain LLC, a Predictive Index Certified Partner, experienced psychometric assessor, EQ consultant and accomplished public speaker.

Elias designs training programs for Fortune 200 companies, has appeared live on stage for almost 500,000 people in over 12 countries, has a personal sales history of over $50 million and has been featured in many major publications and TV programs,

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