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Training for Success  

  • Request a training custom crafted to the exact requirements of your organization and people. 

  • Reveal the gaps where training is needed through psychometric testing. 

  • Provide communication training that has generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue for front line salespeople.

  • Discover how the Business Brain Method can support your strategic development.





Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Gets Results!

• The US Air Force is using EQ to screen Pararescue Jumpers to save $190 million.

• High EQ sales people at L’Oreal brought in $2.5 million more in sales.

• An EQ initiative at Sheraton helped increase market share 24%.

• Amadori experienced a 63% reduction in turnover with EQ trained managers.

Training people to perform is what we do.

Your people want to do better. They just need some support. An outside consultant can bring the perspective and skills to find peak performance. 

What our clients are saying-  

Karolin Jizmejian

Sr. Manager at Holland Ameria Group, Serving Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and Seabourn

"Over the course of six months, Elias took our ambitious training initiative from inception to final product and did it with dignity and the highest level of professionalism. I have yet to come across a person who interacted with Elias and didn’t walk away thinking the world of him. Elias has a keen ability to listen and see beyond what he is hearing and understands what is needed rather than what is being asked. This is the unique attribute that Elias brings to the table."

Matt Astifan

Founder of Webfriendly, A Leading Provider of Social Media Director Certifications

"Elias has shown me powerful strategies which have helped me to create persuasive marketing materials for my social media workshops. With Elias’ coaching I have learned how certain words in your communication style can impact your relationship with others dramatically. I recommend Elias as a keynote speaker for your events or as a group facilitator for your company."

Vanessa Pratt

Project Manager (CDL West) at Creative Destruction Lab

"Elias is a charismatic and engaging speaker with a vast knowledge on brain science and how it can help your business. His presentation to our team was full of valuable skills that can be used by sales teams to improve their performance. Effective communication can be significantly enhanced by better understanding how people receive information. Overall, Elias brings a new perspective with a fun approach. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to enhance the communication process."

Sonny Wong

President & Creative Director of Hamazaki-Wong Marketing Group

"Totally professional, totally charming, totally captivating -- Elias is the total package. Hire this guy!"

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Some Of Our Clients

Elias was brought in by our organization to help us shape the structure, the mission, and the value statement - all in a Saturday afternoon. 

Despite the ridiculously ambitious goal, he kept us on track, on mission and full of energy. 

At the end of the day, we felt energized, proud of our accomplishment, and clear about where to go from here.

This is due in no small part to Elias and his facilitation skills. He's personable, expert and motivational. Most of all, he is utterly without ego, and clears out of the way once he's inspired others to speak their piece. 

I would highly recommend his services to anyone with a big job, short time, and an unruly mob of workshop attendees.

Mark Stoiber

Marc writes on brand innovation for Huffington Post, Fast Company,

GreenBiz, Sustainable Life Media and is a TED speaker.

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