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What are Psychometric Assessments? 

 Psychometrics is the quantitative measurement of people. Since people make up an organization it is essential to understand how the people in your company operate.

 The validity of psychometric tools has increased significantly in recent years due to developments in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, education, and the social sciences.  

Technological advancements have also made psychometric testing easier to administer, provided larger data sets for validation and lowered costs.

At Business Brain we utilize scientifically validated psychometric testing to build training programs and coach people into high performance.


 People drive performance. Therefore understanding your team, your leaders and yourself is the foundation of success.


Online assessments can be completed quickly, debriefed virtually and have the lowest risk of failure of any change process.


You measure every aspect of your business, except the people that make your business happen. Discover the ROI on people metrics.



It starts at the top.

Since leaders rarely receive honest or constructive feedback, our leadership assessment is transformational.



The most important internal metric of any organization is employee engagement. Explore and win hearts and minds with a team or organizational 360. 

Personality Assessments

Individuals/teams that know and understand their personalities; and those of their co-workers are more likely to enter high performance. 

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